Successes … So Far

The story of Solving Empty Homes started back in 2009 in another life but took until 2017 to evolve into the ‘finished’ article. Lessons have been learnt along the way; mistakes made, experience gained, but hopefully enough knowledge to make a decent weapon in the fight against empty properties.

We certainly aren’t Barrett Homes but we are proud of our efforts, so far, of turning problematic empty properties into habitable living spaces.


Here is a house close to completion in a rural town that had been empty for six years before an arrangement was struck with the owner for us to take over the running of the property. It is a joint venture with a local builder and our first venture into renovations. It wasn’t always easy but we managed to iron out the problems and we hope to have tenants in the property this Summer. To think this house had local youths congregating here every night creating all kinds of issues for local residents for years, but will now be a family home.



The following is the jewel in our crown.

This three-storey property in a coastal town (with a terrible football team!) was empty for four years, which may not seem like a long time considering others on our website, but it was already causing problems. Vandals had broken into the back garden and damaged the property, and the owner hadn’t been seen at the property for over three years but was known to be living overseas. 

However, after extensive research, involving a private investigator, a genealogist, a night in Galway (best forgotten) a deal was struck with a lovely lady. Planning permission was granted for three flats

The flats will be finished Winter 2019: if the guy working on the roof gets his finger out. *Only joking, John

The green blobs in the photos above are the same as the board below.