Posted Monday, August 13th, 2018

This terraced house in Gosport, Hampshire, is an empty property stereotype, that ticks every single box – vermin, an eyesore, neighbours in an uproar, overgrown garden, rubbish in the front and back garden, local youth magnet. It’s got the lot.

What we at SEH do find surprising, having been told the house was last occupied in 2005, is that Gosport Borough Council hasn’t as yet tried enforcement action, as they are well-known for such behaviour. 

Thirteen years empty is a long time and judging by the state of the property surely no-one can enter either back or front.

One neighbour told us: ‘The owner hasn’t been seen here in at least a decade so we don’t know if he’s still alive. It’s such a terrible shame, it brings down the value of all our properties’.

Whoever takes this project on will have to have deep pockets as this will cost between £50-75k to get it habitable again. Maybe it’s why GBC doesn’t fancy getting involved.

One question we’d like answering is, who is paying the council tax if anyone?

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