Posted Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

After the elderly couple died over eight years ago this house has become slowly become a jungle of overgrown plants.

The foliage has become so thick that it almost completely obscures the door at the front. At the back, it has grown around three sheds the couple had in their garden and a Mercedes they parked in a driveway.
But the plants are also causing a headache for the immediate neighbour who finds them creeping into her garden.

The 80-year-old said: “It’s about eight years that the couple stopped living there and ever since then the undergrowth has just been growing and growing.
She says the couple left the house after the man died and the woman moved into a nursing home. It is thought that she is no longer alive.

Her son, 50, who helps his mother out at her house said: “It’s a nightmare and we’ve been on to the council about it,”

“The plants grow to more than 7ft high and we’ve even seen rats in there. We’re trying to get something done about it.
“We’ve got a housing shortage and this place is just doing nothing when someone could be living in it.”

Canterbury City Council says it is aware of the issues at the house in Highland Court and is preparing to take enforcement action.

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