Posted Sunday, October 14th, 2018

This is a half news story, half empty property report from Nottingham, a city blighted by many thousands of the latter. Residents on a St Ann’s street are absolutely disgusted that their homes are being soaked with water after failures to fix a four-week leak from a derelict property.
Bev Watson, 42, said water is pouring out of the brickwork of a long-term empty house in Ball Street and is now causing a river outside their homes. 

It has even entered Mrs Watson’s own property, which she bought for £65,000 four years ago, and has soaked her living room carpet and is causing the plaster to come off her kitchen walls.
She said calls have been made to Severn Trent Water since September 4 – but the water is running freely from the property.

The firm said it has served a notice to the landlord ordering for the leak to be fixed in 28 days as the homeowner is responsible for the pipes. But it could take another 20 days before by law they can enter the property, fix it, and then send the bill to the landlord.

Mrs Watson said: “They should kick the door down and sort it out. It will be two months of water running out of that property. There are people who can’t get water all over the world and they are wasting all that water. It is absolutely disgusting.

“We are on a steep hill and it is a terraced house. I noticed about six weeks ago it was trickling out the wall of next door’s house.

“There is a river outside my front door. I need to cross it every day. It is slippery and dangerous. My living room carpet is wet and ruined and we don’t know the extent of the damage underneath. There is now wet plaster in the kitchen.”

She said the property has been empty for around four years and she feels the leak is just going to get worse.

“My house is eventually going to get flooded,” she added. “Who is paying for this water? I am the one that is having to pay out because my property is being damaged by this one.”
Other residents have contacted Nottinghamshire Live to complain about the leak but did not want to be named.

One said it would be impossible to walk on the pavement because of the running water.

A spokeswoman from Severn Trent Water said: “When the leak on Ball Street was reported to us on September 4, we sent a team out the same day.

“As the property was empty, we couldn’t gain access and so we returned the following day. We found that the leak appeared to be coming from the wall of the property. The homeowner is responsible for all the pipes on the property and any repairs needed.

“The pipe serving the property is a shared supply pipe and feeds the neighbouring four properties. This means that we can’t shut it off or all five properties would be without water.

“We followed our process for leaks on private properties and served a notice asking all five properties to work together to fix their shared supply pipe. They have 28 days to complete the repair and let us know. 

“Since then, it has been suggested that the leak is in fact on our part of the pipework, so we have sent out a gang to dig down and double check. If the leak is found to be on our pipe, we will, of course, fix it, but we’re confident in our initial assessment.

“We’ve been in touch with all of the customers concerned, to explain what is happening and to help them in any way we can with approved plumbers to help them to get their pipe fixed. We will continue to work with them until everything is put right.”

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