Posted Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

Good old Noel has very little to do with this story but he attended an event here once landing his helicopter nearby years ago and his name grabs readers in so we thought we’d use his name in the headline!
Built in the early seventies the Tricorn was heralded as the future of building when it was completed in its prominent position near the Cainscross roundabout. 

However, fast-forward a decade or two and it sits there empty and forlorn. Stroud District Council tried in vain to slap a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) on the building to “secure the removal of a prominent eyesore, to provide employment and to promote the regeneration of the area”, but was denied. Despite backing from Stroud Civic Society who added: “The compulsory purchase, demolition and replacement of Tricorn House by an outstanding new building is fully justified and is a worthy aim of planning policy,”

She now, another decade older, just sits there looking even worse for wear. Waiting for someone to do something. A sad end to a once ‘glamorous’ property.

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