Posted Thursday, August 23rd, 2018

Alanis Morissette famously sang a song where she listed various examples of irony though many failed to fit the point the Labour-led council in Milton Keynes could have helped her out.

Last month they announced plans to penalise private owners of empty homes in the town an extra 50% council tax, so far so good, however, it has been revealed this week they themselves have almost fifty empty council houses that have been this way for FIVE years.

This at a time when the housing crisis is at its worst for years and recently they agreed to spend 8m on the open market buying forty private properties to boost their stock of 11000 homes. Also, it’s estimated over 100 people slept rough in the town last winter.

Labour council leader Peter Marland said: “If we had no empty properties ever, we’d have no homes for people to move into. MK Council has over 11,000 homes, so the empty rate of less than 1 per cent is to be expected.”

He added: “Most homes are re-let quickly after they become empty. Some are easy to do, but sadly some homes are not left by previous tenants in an acceptable state and require more work”.

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