Posted Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

At last a council seems to be getting its act together by putting an end to the 50% council tax exemption for long-term empty properties. Well, that’s the theory anyway.

Pembrokeshire County Council has launched a consultation asking people for their views on proposals relating to council tax on over 1100 properties in the region, which currently pay the reduced rate.

.Due to public pressure, the county council is considering making these changes because ‘long-term empty properties have a negative impact on the availability of housing, and on the attractiveness of local communities‘.

It’s a nice idea and anything that sees a reduction of long-term empty properties is to be welcomed, but they do seem baby steps rather than a full-on assault. Why don’t councils use EDMOs (empty dwelling management orders) more or even as a last resort CPOs (compulsory purchase orders)?

If this measure goes ahead in Pembrokeshire, I hope other councils follow suit, especially those with a high number of empty properties.

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