Five Thousand Pounds

If you’ve been given one of the postcard leaflets recently promising £5000 for reporting an empty home, then let us assure you they are 100% bona fide.

Below are two stories of people that have received one of these cards, seen a property that fitted the bill then got in contact with us.

John*, a postie, received his money when the house he reported housed Miss Hall and her two children, who had been living in temporary accommodation for the past six months.

He saw a two-year build-up of mail behind a front door and phoned the address to us. We then managed, through our genealogist, to find a relative no-one knew existed and was able to liaise with her to bring the end of terrace house back to its former glory.

Everyone was happy:

• John*, who received £5000
• The relative, who got a windfall having not even known the deceased 
• The council, which started to get council tax again
• The housing waiting list
• Miss Hall and her children
• Solving Empty Homes

* John’s name has been changed and he asked us not to identify where the house is situated in case it’s linked to him, which we understand totally. However, he didn’t mind us posting the before and after photos of the property.


This is the property John* reported to Solving Empty Homes

Here’s what we got when we ended up with after stripping away the foliage and rubbish that had accumulated over the three years the property was empty after the owner had died. Before we got there it was in a real state. Youths had used it as a meeting place and fly-tippers had dumped all-sorts of stuff in the front garden. There always seems to be a sofa and a fridge for some reason. It took two large skips to take it all away before we were left with the shell.




But then after some hard work, some issues with the local council (believe it or not) and a burst water main, we managed to get the three-bed house looking respectable again. It’s had:


  • New kitchen
  • New electrical rewiring
  • New central heating and boiler
  • Dampproof throughout
  • Plastered throughout
  • New carpentry throughout
  • New bathroom/shower
  • New lawn in the back garden
  • Front rendered





Here’s another report by a postman, but this time in a London borough. Again, the postie Sue*, wanted her name to remain anonymous, so of course, we obliged. Sue* had seen the mail behind the door of this expensive property get higher and higher so once she saw our postcard gave Loz a call and he did the rest.

So far, we have identified a beneficiary, negotiated a deal that suits SEH and him and we hope to start work in March. This house is in very bad shape so it’s going to take a while to refurbish but we like a challenge. Watch this space for the ‘after’ photo.