Posted Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

Here’s a good example of council action against an empty property owner. But was he made aware of the options he had available? Will fining him a paltry sum really make him sort out the property?

Why did it take so long to do something?

Lancashire Telegraph News Article

The house has been empty since 2009 and caused numerous problems to nearby residents, so it will be interesting to see if this court case will make a difference.

Delightful to read the wise comments from the area’s elected representatives:

These issues don’t merely become a problem for the owner but the neighbours as well.”

“It is very distressing when this goes on for so long because there is nothing worse than living next to an empty property which has these issues.”

In the meantime, SEH will write to the owner offering finances to restore or buy the property outright. AS.

  • On a side issue, how come the property owner’s address wasn’t data protected?

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